› American Land Title Association (ALTA) Survey
A survey performed to specific guidelines set fourth by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, usually for the purpose of a Commercial real estate transaction or mortgage.

› Architectural Survey
Combination of a boundary and topographic survey. This survey shows utilities, boundary lines, building setbacks, easements, and all surface features.

› As-Built Survey
A survey for the purpose of showing features that have been constructed to provide a record of the construction and to verify that the construction has been completed according to the approved design plans

› Boundary Survey
A survey for the delineation of lines of record title. Boundary Surveys include the location of all Survey monuments and their relationship with the public record and the monumentation of parcel corners and lot corners created during the subdivision process.

› Construction Layout
Layout surveys from engineering plans. They involve locating on the ground, features as shown on a design plan, including buildings, curbs, paved areas, roadways, and/or utilities.

› FEMA Elevation Certificate
A form published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine if a structure or area is in a specific flood zone by determining the ground elevation. A survey would be conducted on the site to determine the elevation as required by FEMA. The form would be completed for submittal to insurance agent, mortgage company, or municipality.

› FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)
If a structure is determined to be out of a flood zone it may be necessary to complete a form for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), which includes preparing the form and providing documents for review by FEMA.

› Site Plan (Plot Plan, Grading Plan)
A survey for the purpose of proposing construction projects for approval by municipalities. This may include elevation information, setbacks, adjacent structures, location and dimensions of proposed construction, and/or utility information. Requirements vary widely by municipality, usually requires a boundary survey.

› Property Divisions
A survey for the purpose of splitting an existing parcel (legal description) into two or more new parcels. This includes all elements of a boundary survey, including the creation of new legal descriptions.

› Topographic Survey
A survey that locates surface features such as buildings, fences, and other permanent objects, and relating changes in ground elevations. A Topographic survey includes a drawing showing all structures, including buildings, paved areas, fences, walls, etc. Determining variation in ground elevations and showing elevations on a final map in the form of spot elevations and/or contour lines as required.